Q.1 What is Raumly ?

Ans: Raumly is a company based out of Bonn, providing you spaces and equipments on short-term rental basis.

Q.2 I am looking for spaces and equipments on rent. How can I use Raumly ?

Ans: Look for the button Search Space . You can enter your search criteria like the name of the area, or some specific details to narrow your search, and submit. You can see the list of spaces we are offering. Click on each individual search result to get more details.

Q.3 How to register ?

Ans: Register with us using the Sign Up button. You can use Gmail or Facebook to sign up with us if you wish. You can use your own email to register also.

Q.4 Ok, how to book a particular space or equipment from the search result ?

Ans: To book something on Raumly, you have to register with us and log in( just to ensure you are a valid user). Look for your space or equipment from the search results, and vist the listing you are interested in. You can see the location of this space on the map provided. If it is an equipment, the map shows the pickup area.